Linda loves to organize anything and everything. She helped her mother relocate and downsize from a lifelong home in Queens to an adult community in Delray Beach, Florida. Most recently she assisted her in-laws tailoring their living environment to address specific safety concerns after a fall resulting in a broken hip. Linda coordinated the move, design and setup of a medical practice to a larger office suite giving her vast experience in the details involved in moving a business. Linda’s love of working with seniors was apparent to her while volunteering with Meals on Wheels for the past few years.

Michelle realized her passion for organizing moves after several different personal experiences.  Following her mother’s passing in 1997 she had to deal with disseminating and selling the contents of the house that she grew up in.  When her father-in-law was moving from a very cluttered household where he had lived for over 50 years to an assisted living facility, Michelle helped distribute, sell and discard unneeded belongings and subsequently settled him into his new residence.  Additionally, Michelle assisted a senior cousin's move from Manhattan to San Francisco.  Working as a Behavior Specialist in a school for autistic children for 6 years revealed Michelle's gifts of patience and compassion.

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Next Step Move Managers combines Michelle and Linda’s experiences and skills, forming a perfect combination of practicality and sensitivity - essential characteristics of a seamless and stress-free move. 

Linda Potash
Michelle Rosenman